You may have invested in a hot tub for pure relaxation, and to create that at home spa feeling, but you may also be pleased to know that using your hot tub regularly comes with a variety of health benefits that can support both body and mind. 

To help you get the most out of your hot tub experience and make it part of your wellbeing rituals, we’ve listed the top reasons hot tubs are so good for your health, and how to make it part of your healthy lifestyle. 

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1) Muscle Relaxation 

If you regularly participate in sports or exercise, a hot tub can help alleviate muscle soreness and provide a great antidote to delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS as it’s typically referred to. In fact, hydrotherapy is commonly used by sports athletes to help them recover during long periods of training. 

Whether you regularly go running, hit the gym or do any other regular sports; sitting in the hot tub post-workout can help support your muscle recovery. 

Hot tubs help to raise the body’s temperature and increase blood flow. The increased blood flow, plus the massaging water jets, helps to heal injured or damaged muscle tissue. 

2) Stress Relief 

By far the most popular health benefit of a hot tub is stress relief. 

From taking a dip after a stressful day at work to helping alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, a hot tub provides a tranquil and revitalising experience to support your mental health just as much as it helps your physical health. 

According to research by psychologist Dr. Neil Morris, bathing in warm water for an extended period of time can diminish feelings of depression and pessimism. 

Dr. Morris believes that the feelings of quiet and comfort we experience while in hot water, provides us with the connotations of being in the womb as a baby; therefore we associate this experience with comfort and closeness. 

Try to give your hot tub experience an extra relaxation boost with some low lighting, peaceful music, and even an aromatherapy diffuser nearby to enhance the atmosphere. 

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3) Better Sleep 

We all want to have a better night’s sleep. After all, sleep is the best way to feel well and enable our bodies to function to their maximum ability.

Sleep supports our digestion, enables our brain to store all of the day’s events, increases our immunity and supports muscle recovery after exercise. You could say sleep is the most underrated health activity we all need more of. 

Thankfully, if you have a hot tub a good eight hours of sleep is within reach. 

As well as helping you to relax before bedtime, a hot tub can also support your body in the creation of melatonin – the sleeping hormone. 

At night our body temperature naturally drops, and this signals to our bodies to start creating melatonin. However, a hot tub can also support this reaction. By taking a 30-minute soak prior to bedtime you can increase your body temperature and then allow it to drop afterwards signalling to your body to begin the creation of melatonin. 

Other studies have also found that those who have a warm bath or soak in a hot tub prior to bed also have better, deeper sleep. 

Looks like it’s time to schedule in an evening soak and make it part of your nighttime routine. 

4) Reduce Joint Inflammation 

If you suffer from Arthritis or Fibromyalgia a hot tub is often recommended to ease the pain relief of such conditions. 

The Arthritis Foundation praises the many benefits of hot tub use or warm water therapy, as it helps to loosen stiff joints and reduce inflammation. 

Gentle movement can also be achieved in a hot tub which is essential to support activities related to the health of those suffering from arthritis. 

The same benefits also apply to people who struggle with Fibromyalgia. The hot tub increases the blood flow to stiff joints and tight muscles and eases the pressure off the body’s tense state. 

If you have any of these conditions, consult with your doctor about your hot tub use, as they may also be able to recommend gentle exercises that you can perform while in the hot tub. 

You may also look to add Epsom salt into your hot tub as these have been proven to help further reduce joint inflammation.

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5) Improved Circulation 

A hot tub will increase your temperature and therefore stimulate your blood to move around the body. 

The benefits of improved circulation are vast but especially helpful for those who are more at risk of heart or circulatory issues. 

Taking a regular soak in your hot tub will reduce your blood pressure, which has been proven in many studies to prevent serious heart conditions such as strokes. 

Getting our blood to pump around our body is also vital to support our bodies functions, as blood carries nutrients to all our organs. The more blood flow our organs receive the healthier they become. 

6) Enhances Mobility 

Whether you suffer with joint pain, or you’re maybe concerned that you’re reaching that stage of your life; the good news is, a hot tub will help you remain mobile and flexible as you age. 

Unfortunately, as we reach the later stages of life we naturally become less mobile, and this is even more so if we do not remain active. 

However, with regular use of a hot tub and gentle exercise within the hot tub we can increase our range of motion and enhance our flexibility. 

The warm water of the hot tub helps to create a gentle pressure on our bodies. Combine this with our ability to be buoyant within the water, and you’ve got a perfect environment to support body movement without putting pressure on joints. 

7) Ease Lower Back Pain 

If you regularly suffer from lower back pain and experience discomfort in that area your hot tub can be part of the solution. 

From doing a manual labour job, or just being a parent who has to carry around small children all day; back pain is easily caused but can be a frustrating pain to live with. In some cases, back pain can even limit your life in some way.  

In multiple studies that have been conducted around the world, hydrotherapy continues to gain positive results on people living with chronic back pain. Those who undergo hydrotherapy treatment see a reduction in their symptoms. 

Adding a hot tub soak to part of your healthy lifestyle can provide a boost when you’re looking to ease back pain from your life. 

If you do have a chronic back condition, we would recommend that you consult with your doctor on how regularly you should use your hot tub, and they may also be able to provide gentle exercises to try while in the water to support your recovery.