With the possibility of an international holiday still up in the air, perhaps it’s time to consider how you can spend your precious vacation time enjoying the space you have at home. 

While we may have been stuck indoors for a long period of time, the great outdoors is just beckoning to be enjoyed. Plus the great benefit of staying at home is you don’t need to worry about long haul flights or the annoying post-holiday washing pile. 

Instead, with just a few simple transformations you can take a well-deserved break in your own backyard. 

To help you staycation in style, we’ve revealed the best ways to embrace your garden space to feel like a total oasis. 

Brunch Al Fresco

Late brunches in a sunny spot watching the world go by is just one of our favourite things to do when on holiday, so why not recreate this same chilled out dining experience in your garden? 

Create a dining space that makes you feel like you’re abroad. Invest in a stunning set of garden furniture, and place it in the sunniest spot in the garden. 

Then it’s just down to refining the brunch menu. Or if you feel like making it extra special find out if any of your local patisseries or cafes will deliver brunch to you. 


Spa Day Your Way

Oh, how we’ve missed that spa experience during months of lockdown. But why wait for your favourite spa to open when you could create an everlasting experience at home?

With the help of one of our luxury hot tubs, such as the MSpa Ottoman, you can recreate that spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Besides that way, you don’t have to share the hot tub with any strangers or wait your turn. 

Throw in a fluffy robe, and maybe even book in an at-home massage from a local therapist; and voila, you’ve got yourself a VIP spa experience without having to drive anywhere. 


Dinner Party with a Twist

When you can finally invite over guests to enjoy the garden, now is the time to truly celebrate and embrace the company. 

To recreate that holiday experience look to create a dinner party that celebrates all the fine cuisine of one of your favourite holiday destinations. And to make it a little easier on yourself, ask each guest to bring a dish from the region. 

Not only will you be able to still enjoy many of the cultural delights you look forward to when holidaying abroad, but you can also decrease the cooking and focus on decorating your garden to make it in the style of your chosen destination. 

To take it up a level, you could include a dip in the MSpa Starry as the night ends with bubbles and starlight.

Get Glamping

It might not be Glastonbury, but you can get everything you need to have a glamping experience in your own garden. 

Grab your tent, get your favourite drinks in, and put on all the songs that remind you of the good day’s glamping at your favourite festivals. 

At least with an at-home glamping trip, you don’t have to worry about muddy wellies or the hygiene of the toilets. 

garden staycation

Host a Film Festival 

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a film being watched in the great outdoors. It’s magical. 

All you need for this to work is a white sheet and a simple projector; which thanks to technology now you can find ones that will even play films from phones. 

Of course, aside from all the essential cinema snacks, such as popcorn, pick & mix and homemade slushies, what you need to ensure is pure comfort. Whether you decide on getting out the old deck chairs or layering up the garden with pillows and cushions; it’s essential that you create a comfortable space where you could easily spend hours enjoying your favourite films.

This idea is also a great one for the kids, as they love being outdoors and experiencing their movies in a whole different way. 

Create a Yoga Retreat

If you’ve missed out on jetting off to a yoga retreat this past year, then maybe now is the time to create your very own at home. 

The benefit to your own garden retreat is that you can invite a handful of your nearest and dearest, and put on a unique and fun experience you can all enjoy. 

To make this really work it’s ideal to create a list of activities for your retreat day. This could include starting off with a yoga session from a local instructor, and then moving on to a healthy brunch, a little meditation, along countryside walk and then jumping in the hot tub. 

If you put your imagination behind it, you’ll be able to create a truly memorable experience. And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it so much, it will become an annual event for you and your friends. 

yoga retreat