You may have a good excuse to plan a date night, be it a special anniversary, or just a night away from the children – but you don’t have to go far to make it a date night to remember. 

With a hot tub available at home, you can create a great date night with just a few essential ingredients; and we’re not just talking about a bottle of fizz and a romantic Spotify playlist! 

We know how rare and special a date night can be, so with this in mind, we’ve rounded up our best ideas to help you create an evening at home with your hot tub. Oh and your partner.

Hire an At Home Chef 

Cooking might kill the excitement of date night, especially if you’re the one who cooks every night of the week. So rather than slave over a three-course meal, hire a local chef to come and wine and dine you at home. 

You can enjoy a tantalising meal in your own garden, eating like royalty, and then jump in the hot tub after dessert. 

If you’re a big foodie, this will help you reconnect over great food, and give you an opportunity to enjoy a bespoke menu of your favourite dishes. 

Plus when it’s over, there’s no washing up to do, so you can both settle into the hot tub and enjoy the rest of your evening in peace.

Swap the Music for an Audio Book 

Your favourite romantic mix list may be your usual go-to for date night, but instead, choose an audiobook to listen to together while in the hot tub. 

Not only will an audiobook help you to disconnect from the stress of daily life, but it will stimulate a conversation between you. 

You could choose a comedy biography that will have you both laughing out loud, or something deep and meaningful. 


Set the Atmosphere 

No date night in the hot tub is complete without the picture-perfect environment. 

To begin with, ensure that any drinks or snacks are within reaching distance. We highly recommend adding our MSpa comfort set drinks holder so you can sip and soak. 

The next phase is to create the ambience. We’re talking fairy lights and candles in the garden, and aromatherapy diffusers scenting the space. If this is a nice surprise for your other half you could really go classic romance and maybe even add rose petals to the floor around the hot tub. 

Create A Stargazing Display 

Unfortunately here in the UK, there’s no guarantee of a clear sky and the chance to watch the stars. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the constellations. There are now many stargazing projectors that will shine constellations onto a backdrop, meaning you can make your evening extra magical. This also works perfectly if you have your hot tub indoors rather than outside.

Decorate Your Garden

If you want to feel like your somewhere different, or maybe in an exotic location for the evening, then take time to change your garden into your favourite destination. This could be anything from putting up pictures of this place or adding music to this location. For example, if you and your partner both love Mexico, maybe put on some Mexican tapas, listen to Mexican music, and put up colorful paper decorations. 

It’s a small idea but can make all the difference in helping you both feel like you’re somewhere special.


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