With no sign of being able to escape to a spa just yet, it seems that more of us in the UK are embracing our garden spaces and upgrading them to give us a slice of sanctuary.

A hot tub in the garden is ideal for helping you come away from your four walls, and have a little relaxation in your day. You know what they say about hot tubbing, there’s no bad weather.

Even celebrity gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh loves a hot tub and has been seen on TV regularly helping home-owners create the perfect outdoor space for their hot tub.

Alan’s history with hot tubs began when he adopted one with the purchase of a home in the Isle of Wight.

Alan has even been quoted saying, “I don’t know anybody who’s got in one who hasn’t decided they’re the best thing since sliced bread.”

“After a day of pottering among my charges, I shall look forward to the sun passing the yardarm and submerging my body (glass in hand) in the restorative waters. If a hot tub was good enough for the Romans and Cleopatra – it is good enough for me!”

You might not have the gardening knowledge of Alan Titchmarsh, so to help inspire your hot tub space and give you a garden that feels like it’s something out of a spa day, we’ve listed a few things to consider so you can get outside no matter the forecast.


Decking or Patio

 While decking is by far one of the most popular floorings for hot tubs right now, there has been a resurgence in unique patios, especially for those who like the Japanese zen gardens which traditionally contain slate or stone steps.

Depending on your budget, stone floorings are also more budget-friendly, whereas decking can get costly depending on the type of wood and space you’re covering.

An addition that has become popular, is for gardeners to build around the hot tub so they can just elegantly drop in without having to step in.

Steps are built up to a ledge or seating area that sits around the hot tub, so even if you don’t fancy getting in you can sit by the water’s edge and dip your toes in while reading a book or talking.

Also bear in mind that decking does need replacing depending on its use and the quality of the wood. A basic decking will need to be replaced in 15 years, whereas a more high-quality deck may not need to be replaced for 40 years.

There are also now many variations of decking that used recycled materials that are becoming increasingly sustainable and last longer than traditional wood decking.


Enclose or Keep Open

If you like some privacy during your hot tub soak you may want to consider how you will enclose your hot tub from any prying neighbours.

Pergolas are often a popular choice as this can also be fitted with plants and fairy lights to give an extra bit of atmosphere to your hot tub space.

Privacy screens are also a more unique touch to put around your hot tub to help you feel like you’re closed away from the world. While many of these are now available at DIY stores, if you want to go the extra mile, there are some stunning bespoke designs on Pinterest that might make you want to hire a specialist.

Of course, if you have a big enough garden, and don’t have the worry of nosy neighbours than placing your hot tub in the open won’t be a problem.

garden hot tub

Close to Home or Dedicated Space

The positioning of your hot tub will also determine the kind of experience you have, and how you need to enhance your surrounding garden space.

Having your hot tub close to your home and near your back door will make it easy for you to pop in your house for any of those hot tub extras, like a drink top-up or a fresh towel.

However, if you choose to have your hot tub further away from your home, for example at the back of the garden, you may want to think about creating a dedicated space to place your extras. For example, having hooks for your towels or robes, and tables for drinks or nibbles etc.

Before deciding on whether you want your hot tub close to home, think about the view you wish to see, and how much ease you want when in your hot tub, this should help you decide on the ideal place for your hot tub and how you can enhance the space around it.


Seating for Socialising

We may not be able to invite friends and family over right now for a hot tub party, but one day we will and it will be a party to remember.

With future socialising in mind, it’s good to consider the surroundings of your hot tub, and how this will be part of your future events.

Having some social seating close to the hot tub may help when you host parties, and even adding a fire pit or bbq in the area can all help to make your garden a party-perfect space. Just ensure your hot items aren’t too close to your hot tub.

To help you think about the garden space for your hot tub for social events, consider how the event will flow. So for example, would you start by enjoying a nice meal in an outdoor seating area, and then moving over to the hot tub?

If you’re stuck for inspiration we highly recommend jumping on to Pinterest to look at some of the luxury social spaces people have created with their hot tubs.


Choose Your View 

The view from your hot tub will also make you reconsider what needs adding to your garden.

If you’re lucky enough to have a stunning view from your garden, then, by all means, this is what you want to be looking at when you’re enjoying a soak after a long day.

However, if you don’t quite have the quintessential garden views we all see on Instagram, then nows the time to think about what you will be looking at.

If your hot tub will just be looking out to the back of your garden, then this is the space you need to enhance to give your eyes something to enjoy while you’re bathing.

Adding climbing plants, a water fountain, and even adding some colour to your fencing can all help in enhancing your hot tub view.

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