Hot tub parties have been the party to have in 2021 and we can totally understand why. Because no matter the weather you can bring your friends together for a soak and a good time. 

You can’t jump on Instagram without a hot tub party popping up in your feed, with people taking selfies in the bubbles with a glass of fizz in one hand amidst a garden full of balloons or inflatables. 

Thanks to many celebrities sharing their hot tub parties the trend has grown, which means it’s now time to host one of your own and make it the event of the year! 

If you’ve been considering hosting an epic hot tub garden party then look no further, because we’ve got the checklist, the ideas, and the products to make you the host with the most. 

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BBQ or Banquette 

Before we cover anything else, we have to start with the food. A guest with a belly full of food is a happy guest, and so we can’t start anywhere else than what you’ll be dishing up. 

You could go down the traditional garden party route with a classic British BBQ. After all, a BBQ makes everyone happy. Even the fussy eaters. 

However, if you don’t want to stand over a hot grill all day, we highly recommend laying on a banquette style platter of meats, cheeses, and accompaniments. These exotic arrays of food have become all the rage on Pinterest because they’re easy to set up, look expensive and give your guests something to nibble on all day long.  

If you want something even more simple, and to give your guests an extra experience, opt for cooking delicious stone-baked pizzas. Everyone loves a stone-baked pizza, and the fun of rolling out the dough and adding your own toppings never ceases to be a good experience. Check out the charcoal-fired pizza ovens we have available in our garden accessories. 

Personalised Comfort

Getting in and out of the hot tub just got extra glam thanks to personalised dressing gowns and fluffy slippers. 

Make your guests super comfortable when they’re not sat in the hot tub by giving them each their own dressing gown and slippers to wear. 

They can sit around the fire pit in complete comfort sipping their drink and enjoying a good conversation, without the worry of getting a chill. 

You can personalise them to your residence and family name, or if your party is for a special occasion add people’s names or nicknames to them. 

Going that bit further, if your hot tub party is in the winter you can also have blankets and bobble hats to hand. Just place them on surrounding chairs in case your guests get cool. 

Trust us, this idea is one your guests will love and remember. 


Bubbles and Fizz 

You could make your party BYOB (bring your own booze), but if you’re really going to create the best night, you could create themed cocktails for your guests to enjoy while in the hot tub. 

You may choose to go with a location theme, such as a favourite holiday destination, or something a bit more fun such as pirates and mermaids. Once you have a clear theme you can then build your cocktail menu around this. 

Of course, don’t forget to ensure all your cups and glasses are plastic, and nobody wants a broken wine glass ruining the fun. 

To help keep drinks outside of the water, you can always purchase a drinks holder for your hot tub. That way guests can soak up the hot tub without worrying about spillage. 

Great Entertainment 

You may just opt for your standard Spotify party playlist, but if you want to make the extra effort think about other types of entertainment that your guests may enjoy during the day or evening. 

For example, could you hire a local acoustic singer to come and play you a set? Or if music isn’t your style, you could create an outside cinema and watch a film in the garden together. 

Some say the simpler the better, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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Lights, Camera, Action 

Nothing creates an atmosphere like great lighting. So when you’re creating your hot tub party, have the ambience in mind. What mood or feeling do you want your guests to experience? 

As well as placing fairy lights around the garden, along with candles and lanterns, also think about adding some illumination to the hot tub. 

If you don’t already have a hot tub with LED lights, look to add some extra ones as this can make the hot tub feel magical. 

Balloons and Bunting 

The decoration is high up there with a hot tub party, you only need to look at the hashtag hottubparty on Instagram to see how seriously people take their balloons. 

Whether you opt for a balloon archway or balloons all over the garden, they are such an easy way to instantly transform the garden. 

You can even throw in some bunting and inflatable trees, and before you know it you can transport your guests to another destination. 

Snap It

Did a party even happen if it wasn’t shared on Instagram? 

After you’ve gone to all this hardwork to host an epic hot tub pool party don’t forget to share it on Instagram, and get your friends to share it too. Create your own hot tub party hashtag so you can see how much online love your hosting skills receive.