To ensure you can enjoy your inflatable hot tub all year, no matter the season, it’s vital that you follow a strict maintenance regime.

By following these steps you will have clean and safe water in your hot tub, and keep your hot tub in the best condition. After all, you want to be able to use your hot tub daily, so don’t let anything deter your enjoyment.

In this feature, we’ve listed the key steps you should take to maintain your inflatable hot tub. Some of these items are things you should do weekly or with every use, and others are things you should keep in mind when using the hot tub.

Use Chlorine or Bromine for Water Hygiene

Without good water hygiene and sanitisation, the water in your hot tub will quickly become green with algae and other contaminants. The best way to imagine this is how children’s paddling pool look after a week outside. Not what you want your relaxing hot tub experience to be. 

Keeping on top of chemicals in your hot tub is the first and most important part of keeping your hot tub in good condition. 

At Cambs Hot tubs, we recommend the Blue Sparkle Starter Kit, which is an easy to use chemical starter kit that has everything you need to get your hot tub up and running. 

From first use and onwards chemicals will become something you will need to regularly check. 

Even if your hot tub has not been used for a couple of weeks, chemicals must still be maintained to control water hygiene. 

Check Chemical Levels Before Every Use

While our  Blue Sparkle Starter Kit will kick start your hot tub hygiene, before every use you will need to test the chlorine levels within the hot tub so that it is safe for use. 

Ph test strips can help you quickly see how much chlorine is in the hot tub, and how much needs to be added. This is something you should ideally do every day, week, or at least before every use. 

Your hot tub manual will tell you where the pH level should be for your water. 

Generally, the range for water in an inflatable hot tub is 7.2 to 7.8 pH. If the pH level falls below 7.2pH, the water is too acidic and can corrode the pump. With a pH level above 7.8, you may begin to see mineral deposits. 

Clean Your Water Filters Regularly 

The filters in your hot tub are the key component which is helping your hot tub to run efficiently, and keep your water clean. 

Some inflatable hot tubs will have one filter, while others may have two filters. This can all depend on the size of your hot. Your manual will tell you how many filters your hot tub has. 

Every week you should remove the filter and wash away any debris that has accumulated in them. You can do this simply by just spraying them down with a garden hose. 

As water filters are a key piece of the maintenance of your hot tub it is recommended that you always have a spare ready for when your filter needs changing. 

If you notice your filters remaining dirty or discoloured after a rinse this is an indication that they need to be changed. 

MSpa filters are not made from paper, but polypropylene which means they last longer than average water filters. We recommend adding our MSpa filters as backups ready for when your filter needs to be changed. 


Keep the Lid On

To avoid any dirt or debris getting in the water it is best to keep the lid on when the hot tub is not in use.

Keeping the lid on will also help to reduce your energy consumption, as the wind and open water will drop the temperature of your water, making your hot tub constantly work harder to maintain the heat.

Insulate in Colder Months

While insulating your hot tub may not be at the top of your maintenance list, it is a vital part of getting the most from your hot tub experience, and if left can end up costing you more money on your energy bills.

Insulating your inflatable hot tub will preserve the water temperature for longer, meaning you spend less money on trying to keep it warm.

As mentioned above, a hot tub will easily lose heat from being in the great outdoors. When heat is lost it costs you more money and takes longer to reheat when you want to get in.

There are many additions you can add to improve the insulation of your hot tub, from hot tub mats to covers.

Use Hot Tub Mats

Hot tub mats are not just great for insulation, but also for keeping feet clean before people get into the hot tub. 

With a hot tub mat, you are eliminating more dirt and debris from entering the hot tub and getting clogged in the filters. This often happens when people step into a hot tub directly from the grass or from surrounding paving stones. 


Drain & Refill

Water can only be chemically maintained for so long before it becomes unmanageable and needs replacing. At this point, you will need to empty your inflatable hot tub and refill it with clean water.

Your hot tub manual will give you instructions on how to drain the water.

Generally, the water should be drained and refilled every two to three months, but this can differ depending on how many people use it, how often it is used, and how often chemicals have been used.

When the inflatable hot tub is empty of water, this is also an ideal time to give the walls and bottom of the hot tub a good clean.

Best Practices

The following best practices are ‘hot tub rules’ you should follow so that you and your guests can enjoy the hot tub no matter the weather.

Remove Make-up

Take make-up off before entering the hot tub. Make-up contains oils and other minerals that can disturb the pH of the water and block filters. 

Do not use with fake tan

If you have recently applied fake tan it is best to avoid the hot tub as the oils and minerals can contaminate the water and block the filters. In worst-case scenarios, the tan could also stain the hot tub. 

Always shower first 

Before using the hot tub it is highly advised to take a quick shower to wash away any body lotions or oils from the skin. These can cloud the water making a foam appear over time. 

Do not step on grass before getting in 

Avoid stepping on grass before getting in the hot tub as you can carry dirt and debris into the hot tub which will block the filters. 

Take note of these steps on a calendar or put a reminder on your phone, but either way, make a note to keep checking on these maintenance steps so that your hot tub remains in good condition, and more importantly, so you can enjoy a clean and safe hot tub no matter the weather.