If you have a holiday let property or you have an Airbnb listing, then it appears that Summer 2021 could be your biggest year yet.

Following the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown, and with international travel still up in the air, it appears that UK staycations have gone on the rise. In fact, data from a number of UK holiday companies have revealed a surge of up to 300% in UK bookings, with early-season listings already being snapped up by desperate travellers.

As domestic travel can now continue from 12th April 2021, it’s a prime time to ensure your holiday let is ready for guests and primed for a staycation season we’ve never seen before.

If you’re looking to increase your bookings, or even up the quality of your holiday home to make some extra revenue from the boom, then one addition you may consider is a hot tub.

Here’s how adding a hot tub to your holiday home can not only increase bookings but also help you uplevel your price per night.

mspa reve hot tub

People Are Searching for The Hot Tub Experience

In July 2020 Google released data around the UK holidays people are most desperate to book, and at the top of that list was the search term “ holiday cottages with hot tubs”.

UK holidaymakers are snapping up properties that come with the addition of a hot tub because it adds to the experience.

Google’s data from 2020 revealed that the term “holiday cottages with hot tubs” went up by 300% in the Summer. Many in the hospitality industry believe this trend will continue well into 2021 as the uncertainty continues around international travel.

If you add a hot tub to your holiday home, it’s going to get fully booked in 2021.

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People Will Pay Extra For a Hot Tub 

As access to great pools and white sandy beaches aren’t always easy in the UK, a hot tub brings the allure of feeling abroad even when you’re still in the same country.

Holiday homes with pools are hard to come by and come at a premium, but holiday homes with hot tubs are often more affordable and can be used no matter what the British weather brings.

While the data varies from the research, the bottom line is clear – people will pay extra for a holiday home with a hot tub. Some data claims that you can increase your price per night by 20-30 per cent.

Now imagine how much you can increase the revenue of your holiday home by investing in a hot tub!

Plus, one of the great things about a hot tub is that it can be used all year round, so you know your investment is going to last you throughout all the seasons and for many years to come.

couple in Intex hot tub

Hot Tub Holiday Homes Get The Press

As the UK has been so desperate to get out of their homes and into holiday mode, the press coverage around idyllic, unique and luxury holiday homes has gone on the rise.

Magazines and newspapers have been featuring holiday homes all across the country to support UK holidaymakers in finding their dream getaway.

Titles such as “The 20 Best Holiday Homes with Hot Tubs”, has almost become a regular feature on lifestyle websites.

If you’ve put the work into creating a dream location with a hot tub, then chances are you too could be featured in national newspaper features, helping you to increase bookings and even have a waiting list!

The nation’s love for hot tubs is strong, and if you have an Airbnb listing or a holiday home you want to increase bookings for, a hot tub could be your best answer.

Note: Warranties for commercial hire and use of hot tubs may be different from those with standard personal use at home. If unsure please speak to our sales team to discuss your hot tub requirements before making a purchase.