Filter Cartridge 90 Pleats & Mesh Cover – 2 Pack


Twin pack of filter cartridges.

Filter cartridges keep the water in your hot tub clean. They are easy to install and maintain. They just require regular rinsing under the tap. However, if they remain dirty or discoloured after rinsing, they must be replaced. Otherwise, the filter pump may get damaged.

Mspa filters are not made from paper, but polypropylene: a sign of quality and longevity.

PROTECTIVE NET: The protective sock protects the filter when you are bathing. This increases the life of the filter. Caution: Do not forget to remove the protective net after using the spa.

Dimensions : Ø10.8cm x 6.7cm (4.3” x 3.1”). Suitable For All Mspa Hot Tubs

Supplied 2 Filter Cartridges With 2 Mesh Covers.

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