When you have a hot tub, the biggest worry you want to have is who to invite over next to enjoy it with you, not what the energy bill is going to be once you plug it in. 

It’s just a fact that having a hot tub will increase your home energy use, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, there are many ways you can keep hot-tubbing without thinking twice about what it’s costing you. 

To help you manage your energy and ensure you can keep jumping in the hot tub all year round, we’ve revealed some of the most simple but effective energy efficiency tips.

Smart Placement

You may think that where you place your hot tub doesn’t have much impact on energy use, but if you’re looking to shave off some pence then you’re going to want to listen to this advice. 

If your hot tub is set-up in quite windy space it will cool the water, and mean you have to spend more energy and money on heating it up when it’s impacted by the wind. 

Consider placing your hot tub out of the direction of any windy spots, or try to think about building windshields around your hot tub. 

It’s a small factor but it can make a big difference, especially if you live somewhere that experiences regular bouts of windy weather. 

Ideally, your hot tub should be south-facing or the most sun-exposed corner of your garden. 

Get It Covered 

Investing in a good hot tub cover will save you an enormous amount of energy savings in the long run. 

A good cover will keep the heat in your hot tub, so that way the pumps and heating system doesn’t have to work so hard all the time to reheat the water. 

Many of our MSPA hot tubs come with lockable covers which is ideal as it means they can’t get blown off. 

Always make sure your cover fits the hot tub perfectly, as any gaps will create a loss of heat, which will defeat the point of having a cover in the first place. 

Lower the Temperature 

To help you keep conscious of your energy consumption its good to be mindful of the temperature of the water in the hot tub. By adjusting it by just a few degrees when you’re in it, you can reduce your energy bill. 

Always consider what temperature it is, and what it needs to be. 

For example, while it’s not being used, lowering the temperature will help you to save energy, and even lowering it in the warmer months is also best practice as you don’t need as much heat as in the winter months. 

Being temperature aware will make a noticeable difference in your energy consumption.

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Time it Right 

Our household appliances work much harder at peak energy times because that’s generally when every household uses energy at the same time. This means our energy costs can often go up a little during these peak times, and that includes your hot tub. 

If you heat your hot tub at peak times it’s more likely to cost you more than heating it at off-peak times.

Ideally, try to heat your hot tub outside of peak times so you don’t get this extra cost. For example, heating it mid-morning or mid-afternoon, and then placing a cover over it will keep the heat inside long enough for you to enjoy a nice warm soak. 

Keep it On

It may sound counter-intuitive to our traditional mindset of saving energy, but many studies have shown that keeping a hot tub running at night on low energy can keep it warm and use less energy than constantly turning it off and on again each time. 

If you are using your hot tub consistently, for example in the summer months, it’s actually more cost-effective to keep it on but at a lower temperature, than turning it off completely. 

Choose A Better Energy Supplier 

If you have invested in a hot tub, then now may also be an ideal time to switch energy supplier so that you’re getting the best possible deal. 

For example, through a more agile energy supplier such as Octopus, you receive a smart meter so you can keep an eye on all your costs, but as an agile supplier, your rates are updated every 24hours so that you’re getting the best possible rate. 

You can see in the graph below the first part with the hot tub maintaining temperature continuously and the 2nd half the tub is switched and then back on to heat up.

Shut Off Jets and Lights 

Of course, this tip may sound like an obvious one, but you would be surprised at how many people keep their hot tub in active mode even when they’re not using it. 

When you’re not using your hot tub ensure to turn off all lights and jets, as these will be burning lots of energy. 

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